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Free forex Trading Course for beginners in UrduHindi Part 3 What is difference between forex & Stoc

We are here to present the unconventional Guide to Stock Market Vs Forex Trading. There are many differences between stock market and forex trading. Both are good business but having some big distinguishes that’s why people prefer to choose forex trading instead of stock market.  First we get introduction of both market and then we will compare the variation.

Stock Market trading

Stock market trading is one of the best businesses in the world. This business is the right place where sellers and buyers of different shares meet at one point and decided on a sticky price to trade. Exchangers of the buyer and sellers are physically located and transactions of money carried out on the floor of trading. Moreover, stock exchanges are virtual and the compositions of the computer where stock market trades are made and can be recorded electronically like Indian stock market, Pakistan stock exchange, Wall Street stock market and New York Stock market etc.

How the Stock Market really Works?

In Stock Market major business are merged by the investors and there must be needed some buyers and sellers. These purchaser trade the stock market currently and previously issued shares which were offered by one of investor and bought by some others.  For instance PEPSI is the company which sold the soft drinks and it is not possible for the common people to buy or made a company like that so the company owners give the offer to the common peoples to buy some shares of company. In response if a company got more profit then share holder has a right of gain profit according to his shares as well as loses.

How Forex Trading works?

Forex trading is like a just something when people travel to other countries and they exchange their own country’s currency for another currency. Forex trading business depends on different currencies, commodities and CFDs in pairs. For example EURUSD has value of 1.2025 its mean if you want to buy a EURO then you need to spend 1.2025 green bucks. Forex trading market has high liquidity and runs round the clock from Monday to Friday. It has more leverage rather than stock market trading. For detailed knowledge visit how forex trading works.

Stock Market Vs Forex Trading

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Now we will differentiate Stock Market Vs Forex Trading in points so that you can understand easily.

Stock market

  • Not trade round the clock
  • Pay No or limited commissions
  • Market information easily available
  • Leverage not available
  • No daily interest on daily positions.

Forex trading

  • Trade round the clock
  • Pay higher commissions
  • Market information easily available
  • Leverage is available 1:1 to 1: unlimited
  • Daily interest on daily positions.
  • Easily available weekly, daily forex trading ideas

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