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Free forex Trading Course for beginners in UrduHindi Part 2 | What is forex | History of Forex

Hello dear how are you I am here to introduce you a great opportunity and big business Forex trading do you know what is Forex trading and history of Forex trading. When you hear about Forex trading then first questions which comes to your mind.

What is Forex trading?
How can we earn from Forex?
Can we earn real money from Forex trading?
Which is Best Forex trading platform?
What is the history of forest reading when it starts and who invented the Forex?

What is Forex trading?

Forex trading is the world largest business in this modern era. Forex is the combination of two words for region and exchange and commonly known as forex in FX market this is a global financial market where we can trade many different currencies and commodities.

What is the size of foreign exchange?

It is the biggest financial market in the world and on average its turn over growing rapidly with the time being spent according to the triennial central bank survey and its turnover is 5.3 trillion dollar daily.

Where is Forex located in the world?

Foreign exchange commonly known as Forex decentralized or OTC (over the counter) market in the world the truth is that it is not a physically located anywhere in the world other business is stock market and future market we carried out this business ECN which is the abbreviation of electronic communication network 24 hours a day around the world in different markets therefore it is not located physically anywhere. Many best ECN forex brokers are available in the internet world. However forex market remains open round the clock Monday to Friday.

How Forex works round the clock?

As I said above that forex market remain open around the clock from Monday to Friday. We will try to gain knowledge how it remain open 24 hours first Sydney sessions open according to these days 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. Then Tokyo session start 6 a.m. to 14 p.m. Before ending the Tokyo session Hong Kong session opens 8 a.m. and end on 16 p.m. Frankfurt session opens 13 p.m. and end on 21 p.m. Moreover, London session starts 15p.m. to 23 p.m. In the end New York session starts 20 p.m. to 3 a.m. New York session close is the best time to analyze forex market.

Who are the participants in forex market?

Forex trading business is not a single person business there are larger International banks financial centers around the world which function as anchor between the multiple types of buyers and sellers round the clock. Most exchange dealers are banks so behind the scene forex market called interbank market.

What is traded in Forex?

We read about what is Forex trading and where is Forex trading located and what is the size of forex market know we will study about which things are traded in Forex. Different best currency pairs of different countries are traded in the forex market for example Euro and United State dollar EUR/USD and British Pound and United States dollar GBP/USD and commodities gold like XAU/USD.

What is the forex geek speak of different currency pairs?

For example Euro USD belongs to Euro Zone and United State countries and called in FX geek speak “Eurodollar” as well as USD CAD currency pair belongs to United States Canada countries called dollar looney.

History of Forex trading?

Ancient forex market scene - Free forex Trading Course for beginners in UrduHindi Part 2 | What is forex  | History of ForexIn ancient times we take things using barter system. During the 4th century A.D. the Byzantine government kept a properly monopoly on the exchange of currency. Papyri PCZ I 59021 show the occurrence of exchange of coinage in ancient Egypt.

Currency exchange was important things of trades in the ancient world buy and sell items like food for tree and raw materials. For example if any coin or currency has more value than other coin or currency than a merchant could barter fewer currencies more for other. This is why at some point in their history most world currencies are circulation in today’s forex market and it has a value of fixed to a specific point quantity of a recognized standard like silver and gold. Alex Brown and sons traded foreign currencies around 1850 and it was a leading currency trader in the United State of America. 1880 J.M do EspiritO Santo D’silva applied for and was given permission to engage in a Forex trading business. The year 1880 is considered by at least one source to be the beginning of modern Forex. These are the short history of Forex trading help by the Wikipedia and other websites.

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