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Free Forex Trading Course for Beginners in Urdu Hindi Part-5 | Is forex trading halal

Most of the muslims want to choose forex trading as career. But before choosing forex trading business in Pakistan  and other asian countries mostly my muslims have an important question in their mind about forex.

Kia forex trading halal hai or forex trading is halal or haram in islam. Don’t worry Learn to trade in Urdu forex team presenting you satisfactory answer in Urdu Hindi of this question. Forex Trading is a business like other regular business but in this business electronic machines, internet and e currencies are involves. There is also profit and loss in this business. We can earn as well as loss our hard earned capital like other business. So if we do this business in a discipline manner and per good technical analysis like our weekly forex trading analysis, we will be on the right path otherwise we are doing wrong.

As we know that gambling is Haram in Islam so if you do forex trading as a gambling and you don’t do analyse of the market according to your trading plan before entering the trade then you should get in your mind that you are doing clearly gambling so forex trading business will be Haram for you.

Mostly best forex brokers offering swap free forex Islamic accounts. These accounts are interest free accounts. You did not get a single penny of interest after opening this swap free account.

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Most of the Islamic scholars are agreed on this point that forex trading is Halal and it is permissible if you do this business like a regular business not with gambling.  If you as a Muslim trader. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied than you should concern your Islamic scholar.

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