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Free Forex Trading Course For Beginners in Urdu Hindi- Part 4-Best Currency Pairs to trade for Beginners.


As I earlier described that forex trading is world’s largest business and in this business we traded on different best currency pairs of different countries and commodities. E currency pair of a country is essential for economy which shows that dealing with the currency pairs is a very difficult task. When we decided to trade on currency pairs it means that we are comparing of two different countries economies.

How to choose best currency pairs?

It is necessary for the beginner that they should trade all those currency pairs which have more liquidity and stability. They should ask this question first that which currency pair is most profitable in forex trading. Forex trader should choose best currency pair which has more movement in pricing and easily predictable and have enough liquidity. We should not select those pairs which create difficulty to trade and have higher spread.

US economy system

US economy is the world most prominent and strongest economy and US dollar is most dominant and strongest currency and traded widely all over the world. Reason behind that is US economy. The green bucks are mostly used in all over the world currency exchange transactions. It is the reserve currency against gold. So according to my experience the pairs which have US dollar as base currency or quote currency are the best currency pairs in forex trading.  A newbie should learn about currency pairs in Forex training course.

Currency pairs

EUR/USD (EuroDollar)

USD/JPY (DollarYen)

GBP/USD (PoundDollar)

AUD/USD (AussiDollar)

USD/CHF (DollarSwissfranc)

USD/CAD (DollarLooney)

NZD/USD (KiwiDollar)

EURJPY (EuroYen)

These major currencies have more fluctuating according each other economy as they trade against each other with volumes. The value of these currencies changes in every minute. All the countries of given pairs naturally associated with each other and they have financial power. Generally, these pairs are the most volatile pairs and the price fluctuated at very large amount in a single day. The aforementioned pairs have less spreads and best forex trading pairs.

Best Currency Pairs Detailed Video in URDU


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